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End-to-End Project Management for ERP implementation in Dublin

Streamlining of business processes and efficient management of business data has become a critical requirement in the current era of complex global economy and modern consumer demands. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP comes into the picture. ERP is a software designed to integrate and manage the core business functions such as finance, HR, supply chain management, customer service and others within a single system. ERP is not only being adopted by large businesses but smaller enterprises as well. However, ERP implementation project is not a walk in the park and must be managed by professionals.

BPF Consulting offers comprehensive services for Project Management ERP Software Dublin to enable businesses in correctly and effectively implementing the ERP software. The services are tuned towards organising and managing the resources of the organisation to integrate the ERP system in accordance with the business objectives within a specified timeline and budget.

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Project Planning

BPF Consulting prepares a meticulous ERP implementation plan in consultations with the stakeholders of the business organisation. The scope and purpose of the ERP project is clearly defined in accordance with the needs of the organisation. Methodology and implementation plan for the ERP system is also determined.

The existing workflows are analysed to determine the exact system requirements for the ERP system. Budget and timeframe for the project are also determined prior to proceeding to the execution stage.

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Project Execution

BPF Consulting provides complete services to select and integrate the ERP software with the infrastructure of the business. The software is customised to meet the specific requirements of the business. The workflows are also redesigned if required to align perfectly with the modules of the ERP software. Data migration process to the ERP system without compromising on the integrity and consistency of the data is also carried out as a part of the project execution services.

The progress of the ERP implementation is monitored on the basis of clearly defined parameters. Red flags are immediately raised in the event of delays or deviations from the project plan, and corrective measures are implemented to get the project back on track.

Going-Live Support

BPF Consulting’s suite of services for Project Management ERP Software Dublin includes ERP deployment or going-live support. This comprises of technical assistance for final transition from the legacy systems to the new ERP system and quick resolution of issues which may arise after the ERP system goes live.

Depending upon the needs of the business, the ERP modules are deployed concurrently or in a step-by-step manner.

Training Services

BPF Consulting provides comprehensive training to the staff regarding the functionalities of the ERP software and the improved processes. Technical and maintenance support is also provided to ensure that the ERP system functions without glitches.


BPF Consulting is the best partner for businesses wanting to automate and make their business processes much more efficient with the help of ERP software. It brings industry level experience to the table.

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