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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a business process management software system designed to unify and manage multiple kinds of operations of a company, such as financials, supply chain, manufacturing, human resource and much more. ERP not only streamlines the business operations but also provides real-time data to various departments of a business organisation through a common database. Moreover, ERP makes the process of finding and reporting on data faster and simpler, thereby providing clear insights on business performance.

BPF Consulting offers services for successful implementation of modern ERP software systems including ERP Microsoft Solutions Dublin. It has the expertise and experience in multiple kinds of ERP solutions including Microsoft spanning across business domains and industries. The ERP implementation projects are tailored to the specific requirements of the companies and are executed with the highest degrees of precision.

Comprehensive System Needs Assessment

BPF Consulting carries out a thorough assessment of the current systems of the business organisation. This is done to acquire a clear understanding of the business operations and the inefficiencies or bottlenecks which need to be addressed by the ERP system in accordance with the long term corporate goals of the business.

The assessment covers a lot of areas, including workflows and automation, information technology infrastructure, data management and reporting, user experience and processes such as financials, sales, inventory, manufacturing, customer relationship management and others.

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Project Scope and Goals Planning


BPF Consulting works with the key personnel of various departments and other stakeholders of the company to clearly define the scope and goals of the ERP project. This involves identification of the business processes and functions to be automated by the ERP system, determining the data requirements for the system and setting up key performance indicators to be tracked and reported on.

The implementation methodology is also selected which is adhered to throughout the implementation cycle. Risk assessment and resource allocations are also carried out.

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ERP Selection and Customisation

BPF Consulting assists in selecting the best ERP software solution such as Microsoft Solutions Dublin which aligns perfectly with the business requirements and other objectives of the company. There are multiple criteria to choose an ERP software system, including functional requirements of the organisation, level of integration with the current systems and data, scalability and flexibility of the software, reporting and analytics capabilities of the software and timeframe to complete the implementation process.

Customisations are also carried out, if required, to optimise the Microsoft or any other ERP software suite in accordance with the specific business procedures, workflows and prerequisites of the organisation.

Training and Support

BPF Consulting provides training to the end-users to help them in learning the nuances of the Microsoft ERP or any other type of ERP software system and leverage its maximum potential. Continuous support is also provided to rectify issues which may arise post implementation.



BPF Consulting ensures that all the ERP objectives of its clients are fulfilled to the letter. It has a 100% record in delivering ERP projects tailored to the client requirements with full customer satisfaction.

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