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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has become a critical system for most businesses because it integrates all the processes required to run a company within a single system. ERP solutions can either be based on cloud and accessed remotely or hosted on the servers based right on the company’s premises. Apart from optimising the efficiency of the business processes, ERP enables seamless flow of communication between different business areas, acts as a single source of information and enables accurate real-time data reporting.

BPF Consulting is a Microsoft certified company having the expertise to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dublin. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ERP platform comprising of a set of tools, programs and applications which unify and streamline multiple business processes. Integration services are offered for both Enterprise Edition and Business Edition, depending upon the specific requirements of the business. A complete set of applications are available which are selected and modified to suit the business objectives of the organisations. Some of the major applications have been discussed here.

Finance and Operations

BPF Consulting's ERP integration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dublin cover Finance and Operations module which comes under Business Edition and is available on cloud. It automates essential operations such as cash flows, payments, general ledger management and others. Furthermore, the module has the capabilities for financial planning, budgeting, inventory management and manufacturing. Finance and Operations module also provides a holistic view of the organisation’s financial health and operational efficiency by the way of predictive insights and AI-driven reports. Real-time performance monitoring is also enabled by this module.

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BPF Consulting offers expert services to businesses to integrate the Marketing application present in both Enterprise and Business Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It initiates advertising programs through multiple channels and automates email and social media marketing campaigns.

The marketing module also has the tools to generate leads and nurture sales to reach the target audience. Moreover, it also tracks the progress of the marketing campaign to measure its effectiveness.



BPF Consulting has the expertise to optimise and integrate the Sales module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the business systems of B2B and B2C companies. Sales application provides clear insights to the sales team regarding buyer behaviours and customer preferences, thereby helping the sales professionals in generating more leads, increase the revenues and close more deals.

This module has the tools to manage leads, opportunities and customer interactions more effectively. Automated sales reports are also generated by the module.

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Customer Service

BPF Consulting also helps the businesses in providing exceptional customer services by integrating the Customer Service module of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It enables efficient case management by guiding service agents to take correct actions using an intelligent automated process. The module also has tools for issue tracking and customer interactions which increase customer satisfaction.



BPF Consulting implements industry-specific ERP solutions and best practices to ensure seamless automation of the business operations. The company can be contacted on +353 (1) 853 7373.

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