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Enterprise Resource Planning is a software which unifies critical business functions such as accounting, order management, customer communications, sales, marketing, manufacturing and others. It stores crucial business data and information from various departments in a centralised database. Apart from driving process improvements, ERP provides cross-departmental visibility to the business data, resolves data conflicts and enables efficient analysis to make informed decisions. However, the most important requirement for businesses is ensuring proper ERP project management because lack of proper planning and execution drastically reduce the capabilities of ERP software systems in achieving business objectives.


BPF Consulting provides high-end management for ERP System Project Dublin. Project management services entails the use of industry-specific best practices to organise and manage the resources of a company to successfully implement an ERP software system suited to its business objectives within a specified timeline and budget.


ERP Project Planning


BPF Consulting draws up a detailed project plan in consultations with the representatives of the various functional departments of the business which are to be covered by the ERP system. The project planning covers various types of information such as the tasks and activities involved in the project, implementation plan, implementation methodology, parameters to measure performance, delivery timelines, risk assessment and budget.


Defining the scope of the ERP project is also an important exercise during the project planning phase. This is because focusing on the functionalities that are critical for the company instead of adding newer features prevents the project from overshooting its timeline and budget. However, additional functionalities are not discarded and can be integrated later after the primary functionalities go live.

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ERP Project Execution

ERP software and vendor selection is done in accordance with the system and business requirements. Thereafter, the activities detailed in the project plan are carried out to the letter. These include everything right from customising the software and the processes to data migration.

The entire process is monitored to ensure complete adherence to the project plan. Key indicators set up during the project planning phase help in determining the course of the project. In case of issues or red flags, necessary corrective actions are taken to prevent deviations or delays in the project.

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ERP Migration and Closure


BPF Consulting's services for ERP System Project Dublin include all the activities required for migration from the legacy systems to the ERP software prior to going live. The activities include ensuring the accuracy of the master data, entering all the relevant pending transactions in the ERP system and defining the roles and hierarchies of the users.

Project closure is the last phase when the ERP software has been deployed. The system is reviewed to ensure that it is working as per expectations. Issues, if any, are resolved.



BPF Consulting has over 10 years of experience in ERP project management, implementation, support and process improvements. It can be trusted by businesses to provide the best ERP solutions.

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