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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP optimises various processes of a business organisation through a system of integrated and centralised applications. It is basically a software which automates various business operations such as sales, inventory management, financials, manufacturing and more. There are multiple benefits of ERP for businesses such as higher levels of efficiency due to centralised and automated business operations, higher employee productivity, improved organisational visibility and reduced costs. However, integrating ERP with the business processes is a complex exercise, requiring expert assistance.

BPF Consulting is a highly rated ERP Software Consultant Dublin offering expert services to businesses for seamlessly deploying ERP software. The ERP experts of this company ensure that the ERP implementation projects are optimised to suit the specific needs of the organisations so that the software works in accordance with the business objectives.

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ERP Requirement Analysis

BPF Consulting carries out a proper analysis of the business processes in consultations with the personnel of the concerned departments slated to use the ERP software. The workflows are also clearly understood by the experts. Based on the analysis, the ERP requirements of the business are determined.

Requirement analysis is necessary to draw up an ERP strategy and select the most suitable ERP software having the modules and functions aligned with the company’s requirements. The entire process of determining ERP requirements is carried out in complete collaboration with the stakeholders of the business.

ERP Implementation

BPF Consulting is the best ERP Software Consultant Dublin for assistance in the implementation stage. Its experts oversee the installation of the ERP software. Technical assistance is provided to customise and configure the ERP software to ensure its smooth integration with the business processes. Moreover, technical guidance is also provided to redesign the workflows, if necessary to derive maximum benefits from the ERP software. Assistance is also provided to plan and implement data migration. Data migration is a complex process involving extracting, transforming and loading data from a large number of systems.

BPF Consulting also provides specialist assistance in testing modules or features of the ERP software and carrying out fixes if required. Initially, the basic functions are tested followed by comprehensive testing of the ERP software. Testing ensures that the anomalies of the ERP system are eliminated.

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ERP Deployment and Post Deployment

BPF Consulting provides complete support to troubleshoot issues which may arise after the ERP system goes live. User difficulties are also managed efficiently to ensure that the employees adapt to the system quickly.

Post Deployment support is provided to maintain the ERP software in the best possible state. The services include adjusting the system based on feedbacks and carrying out additional customisations and configurations as and when required.

u003ch2u003eTraining and Support u003c/h2u003enu003cpu003eBPF Consulting’s suite of ERP Consultancy Services Dublin include technical training to the staff for using the ERP system. The users are trained to effectively utilise the various modules and functionalities of the ERP software. Technical support is also provided to manage issues which may arise in the system.u003c/pu003e


  • BPF Consulting has over 10 years of experience in the field of ERP implementations, support and process improvements. It is proficient in helping companies in achieving their ERP objectives in a hassle-free manner.


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