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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It refers to a software system which integrates all the essential business processes such as finance, HR, manufacturing, procurement, services and others within a single system. It automates the various processes, thereby enabling much more efficient management of the business operations. Apart from streamlining the core business processes, ERP system provides a single source of business data and information to all the departments, gives access to real time data, simplifies financial reporting and enables greater control over the processes.

BPF Consulting offers the best ERP Project Management Dublin to ensure seamless implementation of ERP systems. It has the expertise to provide customised ERP solutions as per the specific needs of the business structures across industries and sectors. ERP projects are planned and executed to enhance business agility and improve competitiveness of the business in the market.

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Discovery and Planning

BPF Consulting holds extensive consultations with the top management and other stakeholders of the business organisation to determine and analyse the requirements and issues with respect to its processes. ERP requirements vary from one business to another. A small business may require a ERP system for just manufacturing and accounting while a larger business may require ERP for a more complicated structure.

The project manager develops a plan to suit the specific requirements of the business in agreement with the business owners. Decision is also taken regarding whether the proposed ERP system is to be run on the premises or cloud. In-premise ERP requires installation of hardware and software in the company’s data centre while cloud based ERP is available as a subscription service accessed through internet.

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BPF Consulting designs efficient workflows and processes to align with the ERP system. To this end, the project manager thoroughly evaluates the current workflows and the requirements of the business. Required changes to be made to the processes or customisations required for the ERP software to maximise efficiency are also determined.

Design stage involves the employees of the organisation since they are closely linked with the various processes and aware of the intricacies of the same.

ERP Software Selection

BPF Consulting provides specialist assistance in selecting the most suitable ERP software depending upon a host of factors. These include current strengths and weaknesses of the processes, future business goals and objectives, current infrastructure, budget and cost of making upgrades and changes in the future.

Development and Testing


BPF Consulting provides comprehensive services for development and testing of ERP software as a part of ERP Project Management Dublin. The software is configured, customised and integrated to support the redesigned processes. The complex task of extracting, transforming and loading data from multiple systems is also performed smoothly.

Specific modules and features are tested followed by testing of the complete features of the ERP system. Adjustments and improvements are done based on the results if required.



ERP system is deployed after the testing stage. The project team of BPF Consulting is available to fix issues which may crop up and help the users in understanding the system. Either the entire modules are deployed concurrently or only some specific high priority modules followed by other modules at later stages.


    • BPF Consulting correctly implements the ERP projects to completely fulfil the ERP objectives of its clients. The company ensures seamless integration of modern ERP systems to automate the business operations.
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