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Enterprise Resource Planning software enables efficient management of various business processes within a single integrated system. The modern ERP systems powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies provide intelligent automation, more efficiency and swift business insights across departments. Apart from higher productivity and deeper insights into business data, ERP also predicts and prevents risks, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

BPF Consulting is a leading ERP IT Consultant Ireland for creating and implementing ERP systems tailored to the specific needs of the businesses and the industry standards. The consultancy services also cover assistance in integrating the ERP software with the business activities and ensure optimal performance of the system. Moreover, the staff and the executives are also trained in understanding and using the ERP software for their daily business activities.

Assessment and Planning

BPF Consulting carries out a thorough assessment of the organisation’s current business operations with respect to their efficiency and financial costs, existing IT infrastructure in place and the business goals. To this end, extensive surveys and interviews with the staff are conducted.

Based on the results of the assessment, the businesses processes in need of streamlining are identified and suggestions regarding the best ERP solutions to ensure the same are provided to the top management of the company. ERP software is not a one-size-fit-all solution and it is imperative to match the functionalities of the ERP system with the business requirements.

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BPF Consulting ERP IT Consultant Ireland helps in designing and developing an ERP system aligned with specific business goals and processes of a business organisation. Customisations and configurations are handled with the highest degrees of professional expertise to integrate the ERP system seamlessly with the legacy systems of the company.

Each and every step of the ERP implementation process is managed effectively. Potential issues are identified and addressed, and constant improvements are made to derive maximum benefits from the ERP software. The experts also provide valuable insights and innovative ideas besides assisting in adopting the best practices specific to the industry.

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Change Management

Adoption of ERP system entails changes in workflows and job roles. BPF Consulting offers expert services to help the employees in adapting to the new system. To this end, training programs are provided to empower the workforce of the company with the requisite skills and knowledge to quickly learn the ropes of the ERP software. Issues and concerns are also addressed swiftly.

Change management support enables faster adoption of the ERP system with minimum disruptions to the business operations.

Support and Maintenance

BPF Consulting offers ongoing support even after the successful implementation of the ERP system. Maintenance tasks are carried out to ensure smooth running of the ERP software and necessary changes are made to adapt to the evolving business needs, as and when required.


BPF Consulting is well versed in the best ERP practices and solutions across industries and sectors. Thus, it is brings industry-specific ERP skills and expertise to the table for effective ERP implementation.

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