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End-to-End Implementation Support for ERP Systems in Ireland

Enterprise Resource Planning is a powerful business management software comprising of tools to automate and streamline tedious business functions, thereby improving productivity and performance. Since ERP systems integrate the data across departments of a business organisation within a single information system, employees from each and every department are able to access information relevant to their needs without hassles. Centralised management of business processes and real-time data help in not only improving the efficiency of the operations but also make informed decisions.

BPF Consulting offers comprehensive services for ERP Implementation Project Management Dublin. It provides specialist support in navigating the intricate landscape of ERP project implementation. The services comprise of each and every aspect of ERP implementation, right from designing and development to deployment and maintenance support.

System Analysis and Project Planning

BPF Consulting carries out a thorough analysis of the existing systems, workflows and business processes. The objectives of the business organisation and the pain points of the business functions which are to be addressed by the ERP system are also assessed by the experts.

Project planning is done as per system requirements and other needs of the business organisation. Whether it is implementation methodology or allocation of resources or project timeline, each and every aspect of the project is determined in consultations with the top executives, managers and key employees of the company. A risk management plan is also put in place to reduce the potential for errors.

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Software Selection and Integration

BPF Consulting has extensive knowledge regarding various ERP systems, functionalities and industry-specific requirements. Thus, it is well placed to objectively review different ERP systems offered by multiple vendors and suggest the best system as per the specific requirements of the business organisation. The in-house IT staff of the organisation is also trained in the correct ways to make an assessment of the features and functionalities of an ERP software.

Technical support is provided to customise and configure the proprietary ERP software in accordance with the system requirements of the company. Customisation involves coding modifications to add or alter the functionalities as per requirements. Configuration entails making changes to the default settings without modifying the source code of the ERP software.

Workflows of the processes are also redesigned to suit the ERP system, if required. Complete data migration process to the ERP system is also handled efficiently.

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Going Live and Post-Deployment Support

BPF Consulting is the best choice for ERP Implementation Project Management Dublin, not the least because it not only assists in seamlessly deploying the ERP system but also provides post-deployment support.

Unexpected issues which may arise after the ERP system goes live are fixed quickly. Constant support is provided to the employees having trouble in using the system. Post-deployment support entails making improvements based on feedbacks and installing upgrades.


BPF Consulting has over a decade of experience in the field of ERP project management and support. Businesses seeking ERP services can contact this company on its phone number +353 (1) 853 7373.

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