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Overview of the Top-rated ERP Implementation Services in Dublin


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software system comprising of multiple modules for managing various day-to-day activities of businesses. It ties up a multitude of business processes within a single platform and enables seamless flow of data between them. A single source of data eliminates the problem of data duplication and makes the data available for all the business departments easily. Moreover, ERP can also help in analysing the financial and other business data to make decisions.


BPF Consulting is a premier ERP Implementation Manager Dublin specialising in meticulous management of ERP implementation. ERP implementation refers to the process of planning, configuring and deploying an ERP software system to automate and optimise the operations of a business organisation. A planned, phased and structured approach is taken to implement the ERP project in accordance with the business needs of the clients.


Requirements Analysis and Software Selection


BPF Consulting works with the internal IT specialists of an organisation to clearly understand and define the system requirements for the ERP system. The inefficiencies of the current business processes are also determined by a comprehensive analysis of the workflows. Broad business goals of the ERP implementation project are clearly defined as well.


Depending upon the resources and needs of the business, a decision regarding the type of ERP system to be used is made. On-premises ERP requires installation of IT hardware right on the premises of the organisation. Cloud-based ERP is a subscription-based and accessed through the internet, thereby eliminating the need for physical infrastructure.

Complete assistance is provided to select an ERP software from multiple options by different vendors. Demos by various vendors are thoroughly analysed and expert advice regarding the merits and de-merits of the multiple ERP options is provided to the leadership team of the organisation.

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Design and Development

BPF Consulting is the best choice of ERP Implementation Manager Dublin, not the least because it provides comprehensive assistance in designing and developing the new ERP system. The users and technical staff of the organisation are actively involved in the design and development stages.

Design phase entails redesigning of the workflows and other business processes to maximise the advantages offered by the ERP system. Gap analysis is also carried out to detect and understand potential issues in order to develop appropriate solutions such as changes to ERP software.

Development stage is all about implementing the design requirements. Configuration and customisation of the ERP software can be carried out to support the redesigned processes and workflows, if deemed necessary. Data migration from the legacy systems to the ERP system is another important part of the development stage.

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Testing and Deployment


Basic functions and full capabilities of the ERP software are tested to detect issues and fix them. Each and every module of the software undergoes vigorous testing. Apart from the modules, migrated data is also subjected to testing.

Deployment support is provided to activate the modules of the ERP system in a phased manner or concurrently, depending upon the requirements of the company. Services are also provided to fix issues, if any, after the system goes live and help the users in understanding the system.



BPF Consulting implements ERP projects with the specific goal of fostering automation and growth. Interested parties can request price quotes by calling the company on +353 (1) 853 7373.

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