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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a business software designed to unify various business processes within a single platform. It collects data from various departments of an organisation and stores it in a centralised database. Thus, ERP software not only drives process improvements but also provides cross-departmental visibility, resolves data conflicts and enables efficient data analysis. ERP automates the inefficient manual processes, improves the productivity of the employees and helps in making data-driven decisions which translates into more cost savings and business growth.


BPF Consulting is the best option for business organisations seeking successful ERP Implementation Dublin. ERP implementation is a critical activity for any business organisation which wants to switch over to a modern ERP system. The success of ERP implementation is measured in terms of meeting user expectations, business requirements, budget and schedule.


System Analysis and ERP Design


BPF Consulting carries out a thorough system analysis of the business organisation to develop a clear understanding of the process inefficiencies and other issues which need to be addressed by the ERP system. The internal IT specialists and representatives of various departments also participate in this process.


Based on the system analysis, a detailed design for the new ERP system is developed. The primary details featuring in the design document include applications to be deployed, impacted business processes, user requirements, detailed data definitions, any third-party applications and related systems requiring integration. Inputs are taken from the users during this stage since they have the most intimate knowledge concerning the business processes.

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ERP Software Selection and Development

Diverse businesses have different ERP requirements to improve their core business functions. To this end, BPF Consulting objectively analyses and documents the various business processes of the organisation to spot the inefficiencies and recommend the best ERP solutions.

Once the ERP software is purchased, the development process is commenced. Development stage can involve customisations and configurations to the ERP software to support the processes more effectively. The workflows connecting and driving the business processes can also be redesigned to integrate better with the ERP system, if required. Data migration is also an important part of the development stage.

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ERP Testing and Deployment


BPF Consulting provides expert assistance to test and deploy the ERP system. Various types of ERP tests are conducted prior to deployment. These include functionality tests for the modules or features of the ERP software, performance tests to evaluate the system’s performance under various conditions and integration tests to check the level of integration of the ERP system with other business software and systems.


Deployment support is provided to either deploy all the modules simultaneously or in a phased manner. Technical assistance is also provided to fix issues which may arise after the software goes live.



BPF Consulting has more than 10 years of experience in ERP implementations, support and process improvements. It has an impressive track record of delivering 100% ERP projects tailored to client requirements.

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