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Business organisations of all sizes and scales of operations are increasingly adopting Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP technology to unify their processes, systems and data. This is because ERP improves the operational efficiency of various processes and enables the employees to take quick decisions in a more flexible manner. Moreover, a single source of data prevents data duplication and is easily accessed by the employees across departments. Quick and easy access to business data also helps in making informed decisions.

BPF Consulting is the best choice for businesses seeking the services of an ERP Consulting Firm Dublin. It has the technical knowhow and experience in aligning the business operations with the modules or functionalities of ERP systems in a hassle-free manner. Depending upon the operational requirements of the businesses, the firm helps in selecting and implementing the best platforms and modules. Some of the ERP solutions coming under the ambit of its services have been discussed here.

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Supply Chain Management Solutions

BPF Consulting assists businesses in implementing SCM modules of ERP systems to create robust supply chains capable of withstanding market changes and issues arising out of global events. ERP modules for supply chain management enable efficient planning of demand, supply, order fulfilment and production to reduce costs and disruptions.

SCM modules make demand forecasts which enable businesses to determine the optimal levels of inventory matching the forecasts and avoid stockouts or overstocks. Apart from demand and supply management, SCM automates other processes such as order management, returns, shipping, transportation tracking and customer care as well.

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Procurement Solutions

BPF Consulting provides technical support in integrating procurement modules of ERP systems to automate and enhance the ability of businesses in procuring raw materials or finished goods depending upon their requirements. The procurement modules automate the purchasing process using lists of approved vendors which not only accelerates the process but also ensures compliant spending and improved supplier relationships.

Other functionalities include automation of various processes such as sending quotation requests to the vendors, receiving and recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparation of purchasing orders, tracking the purchased items, making goods received notes and updating stocks.

Human Resources Solutions

BPF Consulting ERP Consulting Firm Dublin provides comprehensive services in integrating the human resources modules of ERP systems into the HR processes and functions of the companies. Human resources modules store detailed records of the employees such as job descriptions, performance reviews, attendance, benefits selection, skill matrix and more. The module consistently updates the data across the company to avoid duplication and increase the accuracy.

Payroll management can also be incorporated into the module to automate salary disbursement, reimbursement tracking, payment report generation and more. Tasks such as employee scheduling and recruitment can also be automated by the module.


    • BPF Consulting is capable of assisting in ERP implementation across industries and sectors. The expert consultants of this firm provide complete guidance regarding industry-specific best practices and solutions with respect to ERP.
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