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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes for managing various business processes as an integrated system to improve efficiency and agility. ERP is basically a software system which ties a multitude of day-to-day operations of a business such as procurement, accounting, supply chain management, risk management and others within a single system. Moreover, ERP preserves data integrity by enabling seamless data transfer between multiple sources within the business enterprise.

BPF Consulting is a top choice for businesses seeking professional ERP Consulting Dublin. It has comprehensive knowledge of the various functional and technical aspects of ERP systems, hence is capable of customising the ERP solutions to meet the business needs of the clients. The experts of this company have in-depth understanding of each and every kind of ERP solution for accounting, sales, warehouse management and other processes.

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Accounting Module

BPF Consulting provides specialist assistance in integrating the accounting module of ERP software as per the nature of the financial transactions and other needs of the businesses. Robust accounting and financial ERP modules to automate various financial tasks such as cash management, vendor payments, billing, account reconciliation and more are put in place in accordance with the needs of the clients.

Furthermore, the expert consultants can also help in developing ERP modules for creating and storing financial reports such as balance sheets/tax statements/payment receipts or financial reporting to prepare key reports such as profit and loss statements, board reports and others.

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Manufacturing Module

BPF Consulting offers ERP Consulting Dublin to manufacturers for integrating the modern manufacturing execution system of ERP software to maximise the efficiency of manufacturing process. Manufacturing or production module of ERP software deploy a number of features such as real time information of the products in various stages of production, current status of finished goods, real time picture of the shop floor and more.

Manufacturing module can also incorporate other features such as forecasting demand, tracking production in real time, comparing demand with production and calculating the average time to manufacture a product.

Warehousing Module

BPF Consulting helps businesses running their own warehouses in deploying and customising warehousing modules of ERP systems. The consultants determine the most efficient picking strategy as per the needs of the business since ERP software supports a host of picking paths such as wave picking, zone picking and batch picking. The module guides the warehouse employees through the various processes right from picking and storing to packing and shipping. Moreover, the software also helps in labour planning based on order volume.

The expert ERP consultants of the company help in integrating the warehousing module with the inventory management and order management modules to expedite shipments.


    • BPF Consulting is a market leader in ERP consulting and implementation. It provides the correct guidance to the business organisations regarding the proven ERP solutions and industry-specific best ERP practices.
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