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ERP Implementation Made Simpler with Expert Consultancy in Dublin

Automation of core business processes for efficient management and optimal performance has been made possible by Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. ERP is a software which links the company’s financials, manufacturing, commerce, supply chain, human resources, reporting and other functions within a single integrated platform. It not only streamlines the business operations but also connects all the data across departments to enable better insights and easy access. However, most businesses have no experience in selecting and implementing ERP systems, and need expert consultants for the same.

BPF Consulting is a leading provider of ERP Consultancy Services Dublin to assist businesses in selecting, implementing, configuring and customising ERP systems. Technical support is provided to the in-house team of the business to align the ERP software with the specific requirements. End-to-End services also include training and support for the users.

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Requirement Analysis

BPF Consulting determines the specific requirements of the business organisation with respect to ERP platform. To this end, the business operations and workflows are thoroughly analysed and the deficiencies identified. The expert consultants of the company are well versed in the correct ways to gather the necessary data and derive valuable insights to develop a clear picture of the ERP system requirements.

ERP System Selection

There are many types of ERP platforms by different providers and it is necessary to select the best in accordance with the system requirements and objectives of the business. Poorly matched ERP system necessitates extensive customisations which leads to increased costs to deploy and run the ERP software.

BPF Consulting helps in selecting the most suitable ERP software as per the system requirements, long-term goals and budget of the business organisation. The consultants provide specialised insights into the features and functionalities of various ERP platforms to make a proper distinction and also suggest the best options.

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Customisations Support

ERP system must address the particular challenges of the business operations. To this end, BPF Consulting helps in customising the ERP software to meet the unique requirements of the business. Whether it is developing custom workflows or configuring the ERP platform, complete technical support is provided to seamlessly integrate the ERP software with the technology infrastructure of the business.

Implementation Support

BPF Consulting assists businesses in completing the ERP implementation process comprising of data migration, configurations, testing and deployment. The implementation process is carried out with minimum operational downtime and disruption to the business processes. The consultants also ensure that the ERP projects are completed within the budgets and timelines.

Training and Support

BPF Consulting’s suite of ERP Consultancy Services Dublin include technical training to the staff for using the ERP system. The users are trained to effectively utilise the various modules and functionalities of the ERP software. Technical support is also provided to manage issues which may arise in the system.


    • BPF Consulting has more than 10 years of experience in ERP consulting, project management and process improvement. It is a leading expert in seamlessly automating business processes and fostering growth.
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