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Business growth comes with increased number of business processes with attendant complications. Consequently, managing multiple departments becomes a cumbersome undertaking for the administrators. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP helps in effective management of various business processes. It is a software system which improves the efficiency of different processes throughout a business organisation. ERP not only automates manual and repetitive tasks but also processes and monitors data in real time, and works with various components and software.


BPF Consulting is the best option for businesses seeking a Business ERP Consultant Dublin for ERP implementation consultancy and support. It offers comprehensive services for ERP implementation projects, right from installing the ERP software and moving the data to the new system to customising the processes and deployment. Industry-specific expert assistance is provided at each and every stage of the ERP implementation life cycle.


Evaluation of ERP System Requirements


BPF Consulting provides expert assistance in clearly defining the ERP requirements of a company. To this end, the consultants document the current business processes and also detail the functional gaps in the existing system. The requirements for the ERP system are categorised into four classes.


Essential features are the ones which are indispensable for the company. Desirable features have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of the new ERP system. Apart from both these features, there are other features which are not required immediately but can become essential in the future or non-essential functions which can nevertheless improve efficiency.

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ERP System Selection

BPF Consulting helps in evaluating multiple ERP system options based on their functionality, usability, scalability and security features in context of the exact requirements of the business as determined by system requirements analysis. The consultants also schedule demonstrations with the ERP vendors and assist in correctly analysing the demos.

The best ERP systems are selected, depending upon the needs and budgets of the organisations. Selection process is completely transparent with no bias for or against any vendor.

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ERP Installation


BPF Consulting Business ERP Consultant Dublin provides specialist consultancy and support to install the ERP software. Whether it is redesigning the workflows and processes or customising and configuring the software, complete support is provided to integrate the ERP software modules with the business systems.

The consultants also help in data migration. First the data is extracted from the legacy systems and converted into a format which allows manipulation. Data validity and integrity are also verified. Finally, the data is moved into the database of the ERP system.

BPF Consulting offers expert assistance in selecting the best approach for rolling out the ERP system, depending upon the specific needs of the business. The approach can be complete deployment of the entire ERP system at a go, phased deployment and parallel deployment with both legacy system and ERP system running together.



BPF Consulting has extensive cross-sector experience in ERP consulting. Thus, it can be trusted to provide industry-specific proven ERP solutions and best practices to successfully implement ERP projects.

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