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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an integrated suite of business applications sharing a common data model and process. It is designed to automate and support a wide range of operational and administrative business processes across industries. Each business application is concerned with a specific area but all the applications work together to meet the needs of the company. Central location of the data eliminates data silos, thereby providing smooth access to the data across departments.


BPF Consulting is a specialist Business Consultant ERP Dublin for expertly guiding business organisations through the process of transition from the legacy systems to the modern ERP software. This involves meticulous analysis of business models, organisational structures and workflows to develop ERP solutions aligned with the specific needs and objectives of the business organisations. The companies get a blend of technical expertise and expert understanding of business processes for effective ERP implementation.


Analysis of Business Requirements


BPF Consulting holds extensive consultations with the top executives and staff members of the business organisations to understand the current business processes, existing IT infrastructure and the areas required to be streamlined or improved by the ERP software systems.


The most appropriate ERP solutions to address the deficiencies of the processes or carry out improvements are developed in collaboration with the company’s in-house experts and workforce.

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ERP System Designing

BPF Consulting designs an ERP system as per the exact requirements of the company with respect to process improvements and business goals. The ERP design details the features and functionalities required for the proposed ERP system. Multiple ERP software systems by various vendors are thoroughly analysed and benchmarked against the ERP design to select the best system in accordance with the company’s needs.

ERP Integration

BPF Consulting Business Consultant ERP Dublin provides expert consultancy to successfully integrate the ERP system with the business processes of the company. The professional consultants improvise the business processes to adapt to the ERP software. Customisations and configurations are also made to the ERP software, if necessary. Furthermore, consultancy is also provided to optimise the processes for ensuring better growth.

Complex issues which may arise during the ERP integration process are resolved effectively by the consultants of BPF Consulting. The issues can be anything, such as legacy systems using outdated software, data incompatibilities, risk of data loss and disruptions to the business operations and others.

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ERP Testing and Support


BPF Consulting prepares test cases for testing the ERP system before it is deployed or goes live. Multiple kinds of testing are performed, including system integration testing, unit testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing and any other type of software testing required by the client business.


Post-deployment consultancy and support are provided to each and every department of the business working with a specific module of the ERP software.



BPF Consulting has delivered more than a thousand types of ERP solutions and has a 100% record of delivering ERP projects in exact accordance with the client requirements. Its high-grade consultancy services ensure successful ERP implementation.

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