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Technical Support Services for Businesses to Integrate and Manage ERP Software in Dublin

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software system which automates and integrates various core business processes such as operations, manufacturing, finance, supply chain, reporting, human resources and others within a single platform. It collects data and metrics from multiple departments of a business in a centralised platform. ERP not only minimises manual entries but also makes business data easily available for the employees, leaders and other stakeholders. However, integrating ERP software with the business operations and infrastructure is a complex exercise requiring expert technical support.

BPF Consulting is a highly rated Technical ERP Consultant Dublin offering specialised services to seamlessly implement various modules of ERP software as per the specific business needs and objectives of the company. Technical support services are also provided to keep the ERP system optimised to consistently meet the business needs and resolve issues as and when required.

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Customised Integrations

BPF Consulting helps in determining and implementing the required customisations to be made to the ERP software to integrate with the business applications and tools in a manner which ensures enhanced functionalities and smooth data exchange. Custom integrations help in faster adoption of the ERP system since it aligns perfectly with the business processes.

Custom ERP software allows for more flexibility and scalability which enables it to be modified and upgraded as per requirements. Moreover, customisations allow greater control over the processes.

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ERP System Monitoring

BPF Consulting Technical ERP Consultant Dublin can be hired to carry out a thorough review of the customised scripts and workflows of the ERP software to ensure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently. Monitoring services also cover system integration oversight, database checking, user access and security checks and server performance monitoring. ERP system monitoring helps in identifying potential issues and problems before they assume gigantic proportions.

ERP Problem Troubleshooting

BPF Consulting offers technical expertise to handle issues and challenges which may crop up in the ERP software in order to ensure optimal performance of the system. The experts of the company are capable of troubleshooting any and every kind of issues affecting the ERP software.

Whether the issues or errors concern the functionalities of the modules or data migration or performance of the system or user experience, the expert technical consultants implement the best solutions to eliminate the issues.

Maintenance and Upgrading Support

BPF Consulting offers maintenance support for ERP systems such as database optimisation, system reviews, security audits and more to keep the ERP software up-to-date and ensure optimal performance as per the business needs. Upgrading services for enhanced functionalities and other features covering every step from testing to deployment are also offered by the experts.


    • BPF Consulting has the expertise and experience of working with ERP systems to ensure that the ERP software effectively fosters automation and meets the goals of its client businesses. Top notch ERP technical services are provided to the customers.
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