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Successfull ERP - the 3 P's

By Patrick Tynan, Director at BPF Consulting Ltd, ERP Consultant and FCCA Accountant

Most people have heard of the 3 P's of Marketing. I want to apply this to ERP Software. The 3 P's of ERP are Process, Product and People.


Adopting a robust process for the implementation and ongoing operation of your ERP is key. This includes ensuring there is good rigour to adopting changing business processes and cross departmental changes, as well as ensuring a process for communicating that change


'Working in isolation without being isolated'. Share information more effectively and efficiently by having one place for your key activities and information.


If you are selecting the right ERP, this is critical. Like constructing a building, a good foundation is critical and the software solution is the foundation for your Business' overall platofrm.

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- Patrick Tynan
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