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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software designed to automate various business processes across departments such as supply chain, human resources, manufacturing, financials, sales, marketing and more. It uses a centralised database to collect data and inputs from all the departments of a business organisation to enable efficient data analysis and insights, provide cross-departmental visibility, prevent data duplication, resolve data conflicts and maximise process improvements. In a nutshell, ERP unifies critical business functions and provides advanced analytics and reporting for each department. ERP implementation is confusing and tricky undertaking, requiring assistance from experts.

BPF Consulting is a popular ERP System Consultant Dublin specialising in ERP implementation models, integration operations and deployment models to help businesses in adopting ERP software in a seamless manner as per their specific requirements and objectives.

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ERP Requirement Consulting and Analysis

There is no one-size-fit-all solutions when it comes to ERP software. The diverse capabilities of ERP systems must be harnessed to address the specific needs of a business organisation. To this end, BPF Consulting carries out a thorough requirement analysis in consultations with the business owners and employees.

Expert ERP consultants of the company understand the business operations and the challenges intended to be addressed by the ERP system. The consultants also gather the necessary business data. Based on the requirement analysis, the consultants provide valuable insights into the type of ERP software which perfectly aligns with the business needs of the organisation.

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ERP Software Selection

BPF Consulting ERP System Consultant Dublin helps in selecting the most suitable ERP platform as per the requirements, long-term goals and budget of the business organisation. It carries out an objective analysis of the features and capabilities of various kinds of ERP systems by different vendors in light of the requirements of the organisation. This helps the business in comparing different ERP platforms and selecting the best.

BPF Consulting also helps in selecting the most appropriate ERP deployment model depending upon the infrastructure and budget of the business organisation. Deployment models for ERP software are cloud, on-premises and hybrid.

ERP Integration

BPF Consulting provides specialist support services to manage the complex process of ERP integration with the business processes of the company. This is particularly beneficial for organisations with limited IT resources and expert staff. The ERP experts manage each and every stage of the ERP integration process, from start to finish.

From configuration of the software and data migration to testing and deployment, comprehensive technical consultation is provided for every process. The expert consultants help in preventing issues which may crop up and ensure minimal disruption to the business operations.


BPF Consulting is proficient integrating and deploying ERP systems to automate business operations across sectors and industries. It advises business organisations in adopting the best ERP practice specific to their needs.

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