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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a powerful business management software system which helps businesses in centralising and managing their various processes and data. It integrates various aspects of business operations such as finance, inventory, human resources, supply chain and others in order to improve productivity and efficiency. Companies of all sizes across industries such as transportation, manufacturing, power generation, retail and others are increasingly adopting ERP to manage their business processes. However, ERP integration is not a simple undertaking and requires expert services.


BPF Consulting offers ERP Project Management Module Dublin for integrating ERP modules with the business applications being used by the companies. Integration is necessary to enable the software to sync with different business systems in order to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of the operations. Expert help is provided in selecting the most suitable ERP modules as per the specific business needs and integrating the same to fulfill their roles.


Finance and Accounting Module


Finance and Accounting is a common ERP module integrated with business systems as a part of BPF Consulting’s ERP Project Management Module Dublin. This module collects financial data from various functional departments of the business in order to help the owner or the top executives in understanding the current financial state and future outlook.


Finance and Accounting module automates various tasks such as billing, vendor payments, account reconciliation and others. It also creates and stores important financial documents such as payment receipts, balance sheets and tax statements. Essential features such as tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable and managing general ledger are also a part of this module.

Financial planning and data analysis also comes among the capabilities of this module which helps in creating financial reports such as board reports and profit and loss statements.

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Manufacturing Module

BPF Consulting offers expert assistance to businesses in integrating manufacturing module of ERP software systems to efficiently plan production by ensuring machinery capacity and availability of raw materials for the manufacturing cycles.

Manufacturing module provides real-time information about the finished products and in-progress items which help businesses in comparing the expected production against the actual speed of manufacturing. Furthermore, the module predicts the average time taken for the production of an item which enables businesses to compare the pace of production with the demand in order to plan production cycles focused on delivering the orders on time.

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Order Management Module


Integration of ERP order management module is also provided by BPF Consulting. Order management module prevents orders from being lost, optimises the shipping cycles and boosts the delivery rates. This module automatically sends orders to retail stores/distribution centres/warehouses and tracks their progress right from preparation to delivery.



BPF has vast experience in integrating the best ERP solutions and industry-specific best practices across sectors. The focus is on helping the businesses in extracting the maximum benefits from the ERP modules as per their business needs and objectives.

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