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Comprehensive Management of ERP Projects for Businesses in Dublin


Enterprise Resource Planning is a software system that enables business organisations to automate and manage core business processes, thereby ensuring optimal performance. It links multiple activities of a business enterprise, such as financials, procurement, manufacturing, human resources and others on a single centralised platform. ERP improves operational impact by enabling the employees to take decisions quickly, ensures business agility by adapting to the growing business needs and helps in making data-driven business decisions to improve performance.


BPF Consulting has immense expertise and experience in working as ERP Project Lead Dublin to enable businesses to migrate successfully from legacy systems to ERP systems. It offers end-to-end services for managing the complexities associated with ERP integration in accordance with the specific needs of the organisations. The company follows a structured and phased approach to deliver ERP solutions which perfectly meet the objectives of the client business.


ERP Project Planning


BPF Consulting acts in the capacity of ERP Project Lead Dublin by deploying expert project managers for the ERP implementation projects. The project manager collaborates with the key personnel of various departments to be integrated with the ERP system to draw up a detailed project plan with clearly defined deliverables and performance indicators.


The scope of the project and implementation methodology are determined on the basis of a thorough assessment of the specific system requirements and other needs of the business. Priority is given to the major business processes to enable quicker user adoption of the ERP system. Allocation of the resources for the project also figures in the planning phase. Moreover, the project plan also defines the timeline and budget of the ERP project.

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Custom ERP Solutions

Diverse businesses have different ERP requirements to improve their core business functions. To this end, BPF Consulting objectively analyses and documents the various business processes of the organisation to spot the inefficiencies and recommend the best ERP solutions.

The project manager offers support in selecting the most suitable ERP software in line with the ERP requirements of the organisation. Technical assistance is also provided to customise and configure the ERP software or make changes to the business processes, if required. The ERP integration process is monitored on the basis of pre-defined parameters and issues, if any, are quickly resolved.

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ERP Deployment


BPF Consulting efficiently prepares and manages the readiness at various levels prior to the deployment of the ERP software. System readiness entails the setting of initial values in the system and correcting the final items. User readiness means providing the user names, passwords and other information to the users. Organisational readiness refers to training the employees to work with the new ERP system.


The performance of the ERP system is constantly monitored after it goes live. The issues which may arise are fixed quickly. User assistance is also provided.



BPF Consulting has extensive experience in successfully managing ERP projects for businesses across industries and sectors. It provides only the best industry-specific ERP solutions to its clients.

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