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High-end Services for ERP Integration in Ireland

ERP is a comprehensive and integrated software platform designed to streamline and optimise the processes and functions of business organisations. It is a centralised platform for managing all types of business functions such as finance, supply chain, production, human resources, customer relations and others. Instead of data silos, ERP provides a single source of business data for each and every department of a company. Migrating to ERP systems is a complex process requiring the services of experts.

BPF Consulting is the best choice for businesses seeking professional ERP Program Management Ireland. It specialises in implementing, optimising and customising ERP functionalities or modules in accordance with the specific needs and goals of the business organisations. The company is an expert in implementing multiple kinds of ERP modules, right from basic modules to specific modules designed for particular business purposes.

Basic ERP Modules

BPF Consulting has the expertise to integrate the basic ERP modules making up almost all kinds of ERP software platforms offered by most vendors. Whether is financials or supply chain or customer relations, the services are offered for all kinds of ERP modules commonly required by businesses.

Financial management module is basically made of accounting modules which automatically track the cash flow and the overall profit and loss of the business organisation. Accounts payable module automates and streamlines various activities such as payment executions, invoice processing and payables approvals. Accounts receivable module automates processes such as cash flow. A general ledger receives data from the accounting modules and tracks the financial transactions.

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Inventory management module automatically tracks the stock levels and prices of the products in the inventory. The products are tracked in real time by the software through unique serial numbers or barcodes assigned to the products. Raw materials currently available are also tracked and recommendations regarding the need to reorder items are also provided by the module. Demand and supply forecasting helps in preventing delays and stock outs.

Customer relations module provides a number of functionalities such as communications management, lead tracking, quote creation, order history, sales agent productivity tracking and more.

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Specialised Modules

BPF Consulting’s services pertaining to ERP Program Management Ireland also cover specialist modules designed for specific business needs. It helps businesses in picking and choosing the most suitable specialised modules depending upon their requirements, and implementing the same.

Order management module streamlines the process of order entry and order processing. It enables the merchants to automate the tasks related to capturing, tracking and fulfilling orders across multiple sales channels. It automatically creates shipping schedules, stores real-time transactional data, connects inventory and sales orders and tracks order fulfilment.

eCommerce module syncs with the e-commerce platform and provides a centralised platform for managing orders, customer data, product catalogue, shipping options, payment processing and more.


BPF Consulting has vast industry experience and provides correct ERP implementation solutions to meet the objectives of business organisations. It works closely with the stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition to the ERP system.

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