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Enterprise Resource Planning is being widely used by businesses of all sizes and niches across industries, right from small retail stores to big manufacturers. This is because ERP solutions streamline processes, optimize resources and drive greater efficiencies. Consequently, ERP software helps businesses in improving their operational capabilities while reducing costs simultaneously. Furthermore, ERP systems provide a single unified system for enhanced business reporting and give accurate real-time data to make better business decisions.

BPF Consulting is well versed in the ERP requirements for various industries and sectors, and provides the best implementation services for multiple kinds of ERP solutions, such as ERP for Construction, ERP for Automotive, ERP for Manufacture and ERP for IT Sector Ireland. It customises and integrates the ERP modules with the business systems of the companies as per their specific business goals and objectives.

Construction Industry

BPF Consulting offers expert services to businesses in the construction industry to incorporate the modern ERP software systems designed for the construction firms. ERP for construction encompasses a wide range of modules for various functions, such as management of general contractors and sub-contractors, construction accounting, payroll processing, financial management, service operations management and more.

ERP systems for construction industry provide a number of benefits. These include budget management, timely project delivery, efficient handling of various processes associated with large scale projects, smooth handling of diverse payment structures of construction workers, effective inventory management of equipment/materials/tools, easy access to project documents and seamless compliance with safety and industry standards.

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IT Industry


BPF Consulting offers implementation services for ERP for IT Sector Ireland. Software development companies benefit from ERP by getting access to the data on their ongoing projects through a centralised platform which helps in quick analysis for process refining or improving the efficiency of the development team.

IT service companies use ERP systems to efficiently manage client contracts, project tracking and human resources besides improving internal operations and customer service. IT hardware companies utilise various modules of ERP systems for a number of functions, such as order management, inventory tracking and forecasting stock needs.

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Automotive Industry

ERP implementation services of BPF Consulting also includes ERP software suites designed for the automotive industry. ERP for automotive industry enables businesses in this industry to optimise operations, reduce costs and maximise profits. The software integrates a multitude of processes, right from value chain activities to warehouse maintenance, and provides real-time access to information. Modern ERP systems for automotive industry comprise of numerous modules for various functions and processes. These include inventory and warehouse management, vendor management, quality control management, financial management, documents and data management and automated order creation and approval.



BPF Consulting guides its clients on the industry-specific best ERP solutions and practices to help the latter in deriving maximize benefits from the ERP systems. The company can be contacted on +353 (0) 1 8537 373.

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