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Enterprise Resource Planning is a business software suite designed to optimise and streamline the various processes, workflows and functions of a business organisation through automation and integration. It features multiple business applications connected within a single centralised platform and sharing a common database. The centralised database is what is called a single source of truth in IT jargon which ensures that all the business applications have up-to-date information. ERP is being widely used by not only large enterprises but small and medium sized businesses as well.


BPF Consulting is a top rated ERP for Consulting Company Dublin offering consultancy services to businesses to take maximum advantage of the ERP modules as per their business needs and objectives. Each module is focused on a specific area of the business and it is necessary for companies to choose the right modules suited to their needs. Consultancy is provided for integrating all kinds of ERP modules.


Procurement Module


BPF Consulting assists in integrating the procurement module of ERP software to improve the efficiency of buying processes of businesses requiring raw materials, products or services for their operations. This module maintains a list of approved vendors, categorises vendors based on multiple factors and stores supplier contracts.


Procurement module improves the efficiency of the procurement process by automating various operations such as requests for price quotes, preparing and sending purchase orders to the suppliers, tracking purchase orders and updating the inventory levels when the orders are received.

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Finance and Accounting Module

BPF Consulting ERP For Consulting Company Dublin provides expert technical support in integrating finance and accounting module of ERP systems. Finance and Accounting is a core module of ERP which is required by all types of businesses. This module automates many crucial financial tasks such as billing, cash flow management, budgeting, account reconciliation, vendor payments and others.

Finance and Accounting module also creates and stores financial documents such as balance sheets, tax statements, payment receipts and more. Furthermore, the module helps in understanding the financial state of the company by preparing and analysing financial reports and statements, and forecasting financial performance on the basis of clear metrics.

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Technical Modules


Apart from functional modules, BPF Consulting also offers comprehensive support to integrate multiple kinds of technical modules as well. Technical modules impart functionality to the ERP system to ensure seamless integration across modules and application suites. Some of the most important technical modules are as follows


• Networking and Interface module facilitates data flow between various modules of the ERP system

• Security module protects data through encryption and firewalls

• Management Information System module provides the information and analytical tools to help in making data-driven business decisions



BPF Consulting has more than 10 years of experience in ERP consulting for implementations, support and process improvements. The focus of its services is helping businesses in promoting growth and automation.

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