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ERP implementation for Multiple Sectors in Ireland


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a powerful tool for businesses to achieve the highest standards in operational matters and drive business growth. It is basically a business software which automates and integrates core business processes, such as finance, procurement, production, inventory management and others within a centralised platform. Consequently, ERP systems help businesses in enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations and improving collaboration across departments. However, ERP implementation is a complex process, requiring the services of experts.

BPF Consulting is proficient in assisting businesses in navigating the life cycle of ERP implementation in a logically progressing way. It offers comprehensive services to implement multiple kinds of ERP solutions across industries including ERP for Construction Dublin. The entire process of ERP implementation, right from planning and installing the software to configuring/customization and employee training are handled with finesse by the company.

ERP System Selection

BPF Consulting documents the current business processes and the functional gaps in the system to be addressed by the ERP software. Depending upon the sector in which the business operates and its specific requirements, the essential functions which are critical for the business, desirable functions which have the potential to improve the efficiency of the system and those functions which are not essential but may be required in the future are determined.

ERP system selection is done on the basis of the requirements of the business as determined in the first stage. The modules, functionalities and other aspects of multiple ERP systems are analysed and compared to select the most suitable software. For instance, in case of software for ERP for Construction Dublin selection is carried out on the basis of several features, such as project planning modules, cost value reconciliation modules, material and plant management, procurement, labour management and others, depending upon the specific needs of the construction business.

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ERP System Installation


BPF Consulting has the technical expertise to configure and customise the ERP software and the processes to seamlessly install the ERP system. The crucial process of data migration is also handled by the experts of the company. Data migration entails filtering of the company data to remove incorrect or redundant data followed by entering the company data into the database of the new ERP system.

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ERP Testing and Training

BPF Consulting carries out ERP testing to ensure that the ERP system is properly implemented and operational. There are multiple types of tests to check the functionality of each and every aspect of the system. These include functionality testing, performance testing and integration testing.

Specialized training in the ERP system is provided to the in-house experts of the business, such as the IT team. The users of the ERP system across departments are also trained in fulfilling their own roles within the new system.



BPF Consulting is a specialist in ERP systems and can be trusted to take the correct approach for ERP implementation as per the ERP objectives of the business organisation. Its track record of 100% successful ERP implementation attests to this fact.

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