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Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management software designed to streamline and manage an organisation's workflows, processes and functions through automation and integration. ERP software consists of multiple business applications connected together to a common database which decreases the resources required to run various business operations. Moreover, the central location of the business data provides seamless access to all the departments and prevents data duplication.

BPF Consulting is a highly experienced ERP Consulting Company Dublin offering industry-level expertise to businesses in achieving their objectives through ERP. It helps the business organisations in selecting, customising, configuring and deploying various types of ERP modules as per their specific business needs. Some examples have been discussed here.

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Finance and Accounting Module

BPF Consulting helps businesses seeking to automate their financial transactions and financial reporting in deploying Finance and Accounting module of ERP software. This module automates various financial processes such as billing, vendor payments, account reconciliation and others. Other features of the module include taxation, account payable, account receivable and general ledger.
Data relating to the financial health of the organisation is automatically stored and the same is used to create key reports such as profit and loss statements which enable quick understanding of the financial state of the business.

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Sales Module

BPF Consulting integrates Sales Module of ERP software into the business operations. This module automates the various sales processes such as order placement, order scheduling, shipping, invoicing and more. Other features of the module include tracking sales performance, tracking key performance indicators, employee performance, lead qualification, sales forecasting and insights into customer demand.
Business Intelligence Module
BPF Consulting helps in deploying Business Intelligence module of ERP software to help businesses in making data-backed decisions. BI module includes a host of tools for data analysis, data visualisation, identification of data trends, real-time information for operational performance and complete view into business operations.
The information is provided in the form of interactive reports, graphs and tables. The employees get access to customised dashboards to control the flow of information.

How are the Modules Selected?

BPF Consulting is the best ERP Consulting Company Dublin, not the least because it assists in selecting the most suitable ERP modules on the basis of certain factors and not in a haphazard manner. Some of the factors are as follows

    • Functionalities likely to have a major impact on the business operations and deliver maximum value
    • Levels of integration of the ERP modules with the current system of the business with focus on seamless integration
    • Scalability of the ERP modules depending upon the scope of business growth and consequent increase in users and data
    • Costs compared to ROI and expected benefits


  • BPF Consulting is proficient in helping businesses adopt automation through the use of ERP systems. Interested businesses can contact the company on +353 (0) 1 8537 373 or info@bpf.ie


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