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Enterprise Resource Planning helps businesses in managing tedious business operations by automating various processes related to finance, supply chain and others which helps in saving both time and money. Moreover, the centralised platform acts as a common database for cross-departmental access by the users as per their specific needs. Modern ERP systems use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the operations even more efficient. Apart from big companies, small and medium sized businesses are also increasingly adopting ERP systems. ERP project implementation requires professional assistance due to the highly complicated nature of this software.

BPF Consulting is a leading provider of ERP Advisory Services Dublin to businesses of all sizes. The expert consultants of the company provide complete lifecycle guidance for ERP implementation projects. Assistance is provided during each and every stage of ERP implementation with the aim of maximising the potential of the ERP software in context of the specific business objectives of the organisation.

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ERP Strategy Planning

BPF Consulting offers expert advice to the businesses in developing ERP strategies suited to their existing technical infrastructure and nature of the operations. The consultants hold extensive discussions with the stakeholders to analyse the system requirements of the company with respect to the ERP software. ERP implementation methodology which best suits the organisation is also determined in consultations with the employees and top executives of the company.

Strategy planning advisory services also cover risk assessment and determination of many other requirements such as expected benefits or ROI from the ERP software, budget for the project, realistic timeline and internal resources required for successful implementation.

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ERP Software Selection

BPF Consulting’s ERP Advisory Services Dublin cover ERP software and vendor selection as well. Expert consultants of the company assess the demonstrations of various ERP solutions by different vendors and create a shortlist of potential solutions as per the system requirements and other unique needs of the business. Objective advices are provided to the business owners regarding ERP selection without bias for or against any ERP vendor.

Final selection of the ERP software is to be done by the company itself. BPF Consulting makes it much easier to make an informed decision by providing valuable insights into the features, functionalities and capabilities of various ERP systems with respect to the exact business needs and goals of the company.

ERP Configuration and Deployment

BPF Consulting provides specialist assistance to determine the customisation needs of the ERP platform and carry out the same to integrate the software seamlessly with the business processes. The consultants also help in redesigning the workflows to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

Deployment support is also provided to resolve issues which tend to arise once the ERP system goes live.


ERP has a 100% track record of successful ERP implementation projects. It has a wide experience across industries and sectors in guiding businesses in adopting industry-specific best ERP practices.

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