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Leveraging the advantages of ERP with professional assistance in Dublin

Automation is the key for businesses in the present era which has been strengthened with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, enterprise resource planning or ERP to automate critical business processes is not a luxury but necessity for business enterprises to compete in the market. Apart from automation, ERP also serves as a centralised database for financial and operational data from across the company, thereby providing seamless access to information to the employees. Businesses need to realise the full potential of ERP software to achieve their business goals and professional assistance for the same is recommended.
BPF Consulting offers comprehensive ERP Advisory Dublin to create and maintain an ERP environment which integrates and optimises business processes and technology to maximise process and control efficiencies, ensure compliance management and reduce costs. The company provides objective advices throughout the ERP implementation lifecycle to efficiently leverage the functionalities of ERP systems.
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ERP system analysis and designing

BPF Consulting carries out a thorough analysis of the business processes and requirements to determine the ERP software requirements to ensure seamless integration. The workflows and processes are redesigned as per the modules of the ERP software. The company also helps in selecting the vendor for ERP software and service provider in an objective manner on the back of years of experience. In case of an already existing ERP system, the experts of the company evaluate the various modules and features to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the ERP system. Steps are then taken accordingly to optimise the processes.
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ERP Implementation

BPF Consulting provides ERP Advisory Dublin for client-side implementation of ERP software. The experts of this company have vast experience in running successful ERP implementations. Technical oversight services for ERP implementation help in completing the most tricky parts of the process such as data migration, customisations and integrations. Risk forecasting is done to predict likely risks and solutions for the same are also presented. The expert consultants also ensure that the ERP implementations process stays within the budget, scope and deadlines. Training and support services are provided as a part of ERP implementation guidance. The employees of the business organisation are trained in the best methods to effectively utilise the various modules of the ERP software specific to their departments.

Post-implementation Support

BPF Consulting provides complete support services after the ERP system goes live. These include the following
  • Issue tracking and resolution, and day-to-day maintenance
  • Installation of upgrades and performing customisations as and when required
  • Testing of bugs
  • Review of the ERP system to determine the level of success of the software in achieving the business objectives, scope for improvements and the need for additional features and functionalities


BPF Consulting has more than 10 years of experience in ERP consulting, advisory and project management. The company uses its industry level expertise and experience to provide the best solutions to its clients.
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